Product Of The Week: Casgrain by Rachel Fortin
The team at Nine Concept Creation loves exploring and visiting new places to find new products we have not experienced before. On a recent trip to Montreal, Carina Hamel stumbled across a new shop called Lo Well. Lo Well is owned by designers Rachel Fortin and Mathieu Mudie of Montreal. The store is the couple’s perfect location to showcase their beautiful creations, which are designed and made in Montreal. Next time you make it to Montreal make sure to stop by Lo Well to take a look at the unique products Fortin and Mudie have created.

The product that stood out the most to Carina Hamel was the tote/backpack called the Casgrain. This bag was designed by Rachel Fortin and is the perfect tote/backpack for those looking for a minimal bag with great functionality. The Casgrain’s 100% leather construction comes to life with the neutral color blocking that creates its unique appearance. However, the best part about this bag for many is its clever convertible design that allows it to effortlessly be used as both a backpack and tote.

For more information on the Casgrain by Rachel Fortin please visit, Lo Well.

-Robby Ringer, Product Developer