Product Of The Week: Common Ground

“Be aware, be open, be remarkable.” When John Tawney, founder of Common Ground, set out to launch a new footwear brand, he wanted to create something focusing on change and progress in our world. He saw an opportunity to create a canvas for opposing views, which ultimately can bring us all closer together.  Common Ground aims to create conversation around different beliefs such as gun control, immigration, gender equality and marriage equality. These are all hot topics in the news today, and John has come up with a creative way to bring the two sides into one pair of shoes. With graphics displaying each topic, the right on one side, the left on the other, the shoes are our product of the week during this holiday season. The graphics are unique and a conversation piece. All designed by different graphic designers, they tell their own story.

I’m proud to have seen this product come to fruition and be part of the Common Ground movement. Check out their full collection at to get your pair and join the progress.

-Carina Hamel, Product Developer