Product Of The Week: Nike Roshe Run NM Breeze “White/Black-Hot Lava”

Innovation as a word or process is common these days among design and development communities. It also has become the foundation of many companies brand identities and one of the key ways to portray their stories to the world. Even with innovation becoming a strategy many companies are willing to invest time and money in, it is still an art that is easier said than done.

One challenging innovation task our team has been talking about lately is creating a product that uses a simplistic design approach, allowing the product to be offered at a reasonable price point while maintaining the necessities of function and value. During this conversation, we ran across the history of the Nike Roshe. The history of the design process used to create the Nike Roshe is a great example of using a simplistic design process that strips away many running shoe features that were previously thought of as necessity. In turn, the process created a beautiful shoe at a reasonable price point.

The original Nike Roshe was designed by Dylan Raasch during the fall of 2010. Two years later, after more than 50 upper revisions and 16 outsole revisions the first Roshe hit the markets in 2012. Dylan Raasch’s task was to see what new value could be incorporated into a $70 running shoe. With a blank canvas, Dylan envisioned a creative way to strip down a running shoe to a midsole with an unsupported lightweight upper. The end creation was a minimal shoe with style that could be offered at a reasonable price point. Using a combination of technology and pure simplicity, Dylan was able to harness the power of innovation to create a shoe that has quickly become one of Nike’s most recent iconic silhouettes.

For those interested in the full history of the Roshe please visit, How To Make It.

The innovation conversation that led us to the history of the Roshe also led us to this week’s product of the week, the Nike Roshe Run NM Breeze “White/Black-Hot Lava”. This particular Roshe is a new colorway coming to markets later this spring.

There have been many interations of the Roshe since its release in 2012. However, the new White/Black/Hot Lava combination is one of the best colorways we have seen in the Roshe silhouette to date. Not only do the colors work perfectly well together for the upcoming summer months, the upper is made out of a lightweight breathable mesh that will give your feet the chance to breathe as the heat rises. The new style will be released later this spring at select Nike Sportswear retailers.

To view more Roshe colorways or to purchase your own pair please visit, Nike.

-Robby Ringer, Product Developer