Product Of The Week: Phlo Wooden Clutch

Nothing is impossible with human’s rich imagination; and this unique capacity to imagine is exactly where innovation comes from. Vega Zaishi Wang, one of the most creative and bold designers out of China is a great example of one’s depth of imagination. Vega’s designs take inspiration from her cultural heritage and her experiences from studying in the UK. Vega’s collection from 2012 called Alpha Lyrae used electroluminescent fabric; an example of her ability to tie new technology to the fashion world.

Recently, Vega teamed up with; Christian Melz, a Beijing based German designer and master cabinet maker of Melz Design. Melz Design is a design and production consulting firm located in Beijing. Together the team created the Phlo Wooden Clutch collection, a collection of handmade clutches made from a variety of unique woods. The amazing part about this collaboration is the team’s success in using wood to build a functional clutch. Typically, wood is not associated with bags of any sort due to its rigid characteristics. By shaping the wood pieces into triangles they were able to design the clutch in a way that allows it to expand and contract like a regular clutch.

For more information on the collaboration clutch project by Vega and Christian please visit, Vega.

-Yaqin Long, Product Developer