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Nine Concept Creation is a product development and sourcing company.
Specializing in the footwear and soft goods industries, our work turns concepts into physical products.

Product Development

• Work as a liaison between the designer and factory to create physical products out of 2D drawings.

• Manage the design process to make sure design can be manufactured at the targeted price.

• Create development and commercialization calendars in conjunction with brand and factory timelines.

• Manage key pieces of the development process including: last development, blue print reading, pattern corrections, fit adjustments, color matching, and material selection.

Material Sourcing

• Introduce brands to new material vendors while taking into consideration the product’s price point and brand direction.

• Assist brands moving into new product categories and material resources.

• Help manage minimum order quantities and assist in material selection based on forecasted quantities.

• Source leathers and textiles from around the world. Recommend supplier depending on material request, product, and manufacturing center location.

Factory Sourcing

• Find new manufacturing centers for brands looking to transition from current vendors or find factories specializing in a new construction.

• Manage relationships and communications with factories through the development process.

• Established factory relationships in USA, Asia, Europe, Africa and South America.

Market Research

• Research product categories to assist in product creation for new lines.

• Identify key features of the marketplace to create a product positioning strategy.

• Follow trends and show relevance to brands.


• Manage all costs to hit targeted price.

• Value engineering for more efficient patterns and cutting yield.

• Evaluate labor, overhead and profit rates based on order quantities.

• Provide estimated budget reports to show development costs including mold, last, material, cutting die, shipping and other development charges.

Line Management

• Manage product line from strategic planning through implementation.

• Specify product requirements for existing and future lines.

• Create trend and color reports to guide design.

Where We Work

Where We Work