To achieve the best fit and pattern accuracy, Nine follows the industry standard technical transfer (T1 - T4) commercialization process to make a smooth transition from sampling to production.


Tech 1

Sample size fit testing and confirmation to establish benchmark for commercialization.


Tech 2

Extreme size trials to ensure consistent grading before opening full size run molds.


Tech 3

After confirming extreme size trials, the full size run molds are opened for production. Hand cutting trials are performed to test the patterns for fit and consistency before opening cutting dies. 


Tech 4

Standard operating procedures (SOP) are created by our team for step by step instructions for each production line employee. Before every production, we hold pre-production trials to help eliminate any issues prior to mass production.  


Production Check List

  1. Project History

  2. Leather/PU Swatch

  3. Material Reference Folder

  4. Model/Extreme Fit Reports

  5. Approved Confirmation Samples

  6. Final Spec Sheet

  7. Grading Charts

  8. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)


Spotlight: Commercialization Work 

Emu Australia

Emu Australia