From last creation and blueprint adjustments to picking materials, revising patterns and cost negotiations, Nine oversees the entire development process with a streamlined approach to create the best products with the best technology for the right reasons.


Manufacturing Feasibility

We work closely with the factory’s pattern and outsole engineers to guarantee the product being developed can be produced in mass scale.


+ Blue print reading & revisions

+ Pattern adjustments for fit & comfort

+ Last development 

+ Calendar management 


Value Engineering

Our team selects materials and works with the factory pattern engineers to maximize usage and eliminate waste.


+ Usage and yield analysis

+ Material selection for MOQ efficiency 

+ Target price alignment


Design Intent

By working closely with the design team and the factory, our team makes sure the design intent is carried through to the finished prototypes as closely as possible.  


+ Color matching

+ Material selection

+ Prototype reviews & revisions 


Cost Analysis

We analyze all components to guarantee cost transparency and the best pricing possible. Every client is supplied a full CBD for every style created.


+ Cost negotiations with factory and supplier

+ Cost breakdown (CBD) analysis

+ Project cost analysis including molds, lasts, cutting dies, materials, and shipping


Spotlight: Development Work 

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Emu Australia