Nine's team on the ground oversees all production to ensure quality and on-time delivery. We are part of the pre-production trials to make sure production is set up correctly, and with a consistent presence on the production line, our team ensures what is being shipped is up to quality standards.


Quality Control

Our on the ground team is present on the factory assembly line to ensure production created meets established standards. We work with the factory's line employees and internal QC team to make sure all standard operating procedures are being followed to help prevent unforeseen issues during production.


Final Inspections

Once manufacturing has finished, our team will perform final inspections of the entire production run based on appropriate sample sizes. A detailed inspection report is provided to all our clients showing what defects were present, rejection percentages by SKU, and an overall assessment prior to receiving the completed products.


Corrective Action Reports

After the finished product has been received and inspected at our client's warehouse, we hold a post-production meeting to address any issues found. In this meeting we will discuss persistent defects and create a corrective action report outlining the required steps at the factory to improve future production runs. 


Factory Production Debrief

Once the corrective action reports are created, we meet with the factory's production team to execute an implementation plan for future production runs.


+ Identify the problem

+ Determine the cause 

+ Select and plan the solution

+ Implement the solution 

+ Evaluate improvements


Spotlight: Production Work 

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