Every great product begins with an idea. At Nine, we help our clients develop their ideas by creating holistic product strategies through discovering customer needs, the competition, current market trends, and the ambitions driving the brand. 


Competitor Analysis

Based on the target consumer, we answer who is the competition, what is their focus, and how to navigate the playing field successfully.


+ Price Mapping

+ Product differentiation

+ Brand Awareness

+ Product feature analysis

+ Strengths/Weaknesses

+ Product gap analysis


Silhouette Strategy

Based on the over-arching product strategy, market analysis, and our client's ambitions we create the styles that embody the brand vision and deliver a desirable collection for our retailers and consumers.


+ Price analysis & strategy

+ Gender flow

+ Size range

+ Collection build


Market Trends

The unique personality of each of our products starts with understanding what our consumers desire and how to combine future market trends to create the most desirable products possible.


+ Color trends & selection

+ Material trends & selection

+ Product DNA creation

+ Product trends


Consumer Behavior

After defining the target consumer, we need to know what our consumers buy, where they shop, and how they use their products during their lives. Our goal is to answer "WHY" we make each product.


+ Decision influences

+ Buying behavior

+ What they buy & why

+ How they use their product


Spotlight: Strategic Intelligence Work