Superfeet is an insole and footwear company based in Bellingham, WA. For over 40 years, they have used podiatric principlas to create insoles with a signature shape designed to help adapt the the flat 2-dimensional midsole of footwear to people's 3-dimensional feet.      

In 2015, Superfeet approached Nine to design and develop a sandal that would translate Superfeet's shape story into footwear. The challenge was finding the right type of construction, materials, and silhouette that could be combined with Superfeet's signature shape to create a supportive sandal their customer's had been asking for. The Nine team worked closely with Superfeet to integrate their shape and the three key details of every Superfeet product; a structured heel cup, rear foot support, and firm stabilization.  

Since the successful launch of Superfeet's sandal in 2016, the two businesses have continued their partnership through the creation of Superfeet's first ever footwear collection. In the summer of 2017, Nine helped launch Superfeet's casual comfort footwear line for both men and women. The Nine team manages all product creation services, from product line management and design briefing, to product development and production quality control. Our two businesses continue to work together today, driving Superfeet's footwear collection forward into new opportunities.     


Superfeet - "Built from the inside out"